Season Four (Winter 2021/22) of the Not the Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix

Overall Route Map – Season 4

Final Results – Season 4


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Six of the Best (each canterer’s highest scoring six races)

Review of Season 4

Well done everyone for taking part in Season 4 NTCLC. We will be arranging a celebration meet up and also some commemorative Not the Cat Lane merchandise in the near future so please watch this space (on facebook). Dominic Watts romped into first place with an impressive performance as always. However he didn’t do my Orgreave Route so sucks to you Dominic. I hope to see it gracing your Strava in the near future.Our second and third place holders completed all 10 routes – only their best 6 count but great to see Richard Hanks in 2nd and our very own spreadsheet wizard Stephen Tozer-Loft 3rd putting the effort in. First woman Elly Bate also did all 10 routes and came 6th – fabulous work. Antony Adshead also did all 10 routes and as a newcomer put many of us olde world cats to shame and came 4th overall.Second woman was Helen Wakefield and third was Catherine Ager – who not only got on the podium but fleeced fellow “inner circler” Sid and sometime run buddy Jo Rose – that’s the spirit Cath.Special mention goes to the winner of the converted last place spot – it’s me! The seldom seen Katelyn. Well if you’re going to drop out, drop out hard.Thanks for enjoying all the fab new routes including the newbies Better than Watching Paint Dry (Richard), Seldom Seen Saunter (Karen), Cobnar Road Challenge (Jo), Crosstown Confluence Caper (Anthony), Orgreave: Not the Waverley Wander (Katelyn), Woodhouse Wastelands (Sid).

As we all get back to real world racing and other kinds of training, season 4 will be the final virtual season for now – if the world ends again anytime soon we will review this position! However we do have some hopes of keeping the spirit of the fabulous Not the Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix going.We will hold semi-regular social runs: If any of these yield a fab new route we will put it on the website for ongoing enjoyment. We might create open results pages for existing routes, so you will have your pb for a given route on the score sheet but if you ever beat it this can be overwritten; we’re going to need to give Steve a break from spreadsheets and probably a fresh supply of paper bags to hyperventilate into before we can sort this out… And we could always think about staging a NTCLC live race one of these days…If anyone has any other ideas or thoughts on any of those mentioned please keep using the facebook group as usual. Please keep sharing your lovely route photos – on Flickr if possible – stories, Guess the Footpaths etc. Thanks for Capering, Wandering and Sauntering with us for four great seasons. It’s been magical.