DistanceNot applicable
Elevation (total climb)Not applicable
Dates run24th October – 21st November 2020
Race designerChris Lawson
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The first race in the Not The Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix – Winter Edition

The beauty of this race is that you could run less than a mile and earn 40 points, and at the other end of the scale you could run 15 miles and end up with zero points if you get your timing wrong.You can have as many attempts as you like within the race window, so it might be worth starting off with a conservative effort, and then try something a bit more ambitious later on.

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All the checkpoints shown, plus some example routes…

Route Guides

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This is a score event, meaning that you have to visit as many checkpoints as you can within 90 minutes. You can visit the checkpoints in any order you like, but you can only visit each checkpoint once. You don’t need to visit all the checkpoints, just as many as you can manage within the 90 minute time limit. You can start and finish your run from wherever you like, but you must finish at the same location that you start. You get 10 points for each checkpoint location you visit. If you reach the finish location after more than 90 minutes you will lose 5 points for each minute you are late. Anything from 90 minutes and one second to 90 minutes and 59 seconds counts as one minute over. Anything from 91 minutes and zero seconds to 91 minutes and 59 seconds counts as two minutes over etc.

There are some bonus points available for the following:

  • 10 point bonus for not running along any A roads, other than the minimum distance to get to a checkpoint from the nearest side road
  • 10 point bonus for photographing and posting a named brick on the route that nobody else in the Facebook group has found and posted. This can be from a recce or your timed attempt.

You should submit your score, plus your elapsed running time. If two people have the same score their position will be based on who has the lowest running time. For example, 50 points in a time of 82 minutes beats 50 points in a time of 89 minutes.

Submitting Results

This race is now closed – you can still run it for fun.


results spreadsheet for franks brick bonanza


See all the photos from this race in our flickr group here

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