Elevation (total climb)230m
Dates run5th -13th December 2020
Race designerKatelyn McKeown
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Okay Cat fans here is some information for route 3 the Woodbourn Burn Return. Here is a Strava link to the “pure route” – because we all like a bid of moral guidance with our running I’m sure, Here also is the list of checkpoints. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that it may be possible to cut a few corners here and there. The pure route is super easy to navigate and is street lit throughout so should be possible to run at any time. The area around the stadium is well lit but is a bit isolated and not overlooked so just to be aware if running at night. On the pure route if you cut even one teeny corner you can probably do the race in around 10k so hopefully that is pretty accessible to all. There is some elevation but there is as much down as there is up so potentially a nice fast race. I will put a gpx link in comments for you non Stravaites . I propose race “week” goes from Sat 5thDecember – Sun 13th so giving us two full weekends. Enjoy!

Katelyn McKeown on facebook


Download file for GPS

Route Guides

  • Start/Finish corner of Gleadless Rd and Daresbury Road
  • Checkpoint 1 Corner of Kenninghall Close and Park Grange Road
  • Checkpoint 2 corner of St Aidan’s road and Guilford Ave
  • Checkpoint 3 Corner of City Road and Manor Lane
  • Checkpoint 4 corner of Woodbourn Road and Worthing Road/Stadium Way
  • Checkpoint 5 corner of Stadium Way and Broad Oaks
  • Checkpoint 6 corner of Broad Oaks and Jessell Street
  • Back to the start any way you like – no checkpoints

Strava Links

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50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points.

Submitting Results

This race is now closed – you can still run it for fun.


Woodbourn Burn Return results
Woodbourn Burn Return results

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You can still submit your time to this website if you’d like to see your time recorded alongside everyone else’s – use the link in the right-hand sidebar. If you’ve run this course as part of the NTCLCGP race series your time should already be there.


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