Elevation (total climb)220m
Dates runMonday March 8th – Sunday 28th Wednesday 31st March 2021
Race designerSid Fletcher
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At around 15K the Beast takes you through many highlights of the Eastside. Incorporating the “Cote de Jenkin” from the tour de France, the huge behemoth of engineering that is the Tinsley viaduct and finishing in obscure tracks through Parkway Markets- this route will take you to places you only ever dreamed of running. With very few muddy bits this is mainly asphalt so road shoes are recommended. As expected, some parts are a tad desolate so please do buddy up if at all unsure It’s a checkpoint race however I’ve included a route if you want the Strava segs, believe me-there are many! You could start from any point on the route as long as you finish at that same point To assist you on your travels, nameless and shameless members of the Urban Lycra Collective have festooned the route with bright Yellow gaffer tape, which is all fine and dandy until you realise that some poor soul has to run the route again out of the race window to remove said tape

Sid Fletcher on Facebook

Start /Finish– Woodbourn Hotel, Worthing Road
CP1 – Sandersons Weir, 5 Weirs walk
CP2 – Forgemasters, Brightside lane
CP3 – Cote de Jenkin – bottom
CP4 – Cote de Jenkin – top
CP5 – Brendan Ingle glove garden
CP6 – M1 Junction 34 Tinsley Viaduct subway
CP7 – M1 Junction 34A Tinsley Viaduct subway
CP8 – Tinsley Marina
CP9 – Shepcote Lane /TPT
CP10 – Highland Cattle crossroads
CP11 – Handsworth road / Main road bridge
CP12 – Acres hill Lane
CP13- Railway Footbridge Broad Oaks lane
S/F– Woodbourn Hotel, Worthing Road

If 15K is too much of a distance in one go there’s the option of completing 2 shorter “Mini Beasts”. This will get you through all the CPs on in order. The catch is you’ll have add both times together for your score and the distance will be slightly longer at around 18K
1) Head straight from CP2 to CP9
2) At later date run CP2-CP9 then straight back to CP2


Strictly speaking this is a checkpoint-led route – Sid has provided the GPX file (download below) as one possibility.

The checkpoints are shown and described in the first map and the route guide.
The “what3words” versions are shown below for maximum precision, and these are shown accurately on the google map below.

Download file for GPS

Checkpoint co-ordinates

Sid has provided these digital versions of the checkpoint locations. These are shown accurately on the google map above, but Steve can’t work out how to get them into a GPX file.

Start/Finish –
CP1 –
CP2 –
CP3 –
CP4 –
CP5 –
CP6 –
CP7 –
CP8 –
CP9 –
CP10 –
CP11 –
CP12 –
CP13 –

Route Guide

Strava Links

Sid’s illustrated definitive route can be viewed on strava here

Strava Segments


50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points.

If you do the “mini-beasts” option described above you have to add together your times for each part of the course.

Submitting Results

The race is now closed – but you can still run it for fun.


All Time Course Personal Bests (PBs)

You can still submit your time to this website if you’d like to see your time recorded alongside everyone else’s – use the link in the right-hand sidebar. If you’ve run this course as part of the NTCLCGP race series your time should already be there.


See all the photos from this race in our flickr group here