Dates runMonday 5th April – Sunday 2nd May 2021
Course designerJames Halse


The original and some would say the best. The Cat Lane Canter is where this all started – it was a proper race in 2019, and in 2020 we did it virtually, then we did it again with knobs on.
No entry fee, no prizes. It’s the taking part that counts. Walk or run – up to you.
You can start and finish anywhere you like on the route as long as you start and finish in the same place. To show up on the Strava leaderboard, you would need to start and finish at the bottom of the steps just after the bridge leading to Newfield School as shown on the map.
The birds are singing and the bluebells are on their way. The route winds through patches of woodland in Gleadless Valley. Undulating is the word. It might be muddy in places.
There are lots of other people using the woods for their daily rations of government approved exercise. Please show consideration to other users and try and give them the recommended 2m berth. If you have to stop to let someone pass, then do. It will only slow you down by a few seconds.

Fundraising for Local Schools

In the spirit of the original Cat Lane Canter, there’s an attempt to raise £600 for the Parent-Teacher Associations at three local schools, Newfield Secondary School, Meersbrook Bank Primary, and Carfield Primary.

If you feel like donating or making your run/walk a sponsored event, that would be lovely…

Click on the button to go to the crowdfunding page

Route Guide


Please note that the broken bench has gone. There is a fallen tree very close to this crucial point on the route, but this map and PDF still shows ‘broken bench’

Download file for GPS

Strava Links


50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points.

There is a 5 point bonus for any runner who collects some rubbish and takes it away (doing it on a recce is fine)

Submitting Scores

This race is now finished – but you can still run it for fun.


All Time Course Personal Bests (PBs)

You can still submit your time to this website if you’d like to see your time recorded alongside everyone else’s – use the link in the right-hand sidebar. If you’ve run this course as part of the NTCLCGP race series your time should already be there.


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