Not the Cat Lane Canter Season Four – Sid’s theatrical trailer

Season 3 is dead…Long Live Season 4

We have shimmied, cantered and galloped our way through Season 3. Now that it has Hollins-ended – what are we all going to do with ourselves?

Congratulations to Matt R who smashed the series out of the park and also provided us with a fab new route. Matt was the newest route leader of S3 and produced the excellent Four Gallon Glide which gave us the most route variations of the season and also the moral dilemma – is it okay to go out and back on Lightwood Lane? Most of us failed this test of character miserably and went for the easy boring option! Well done Matt – someone get that man a pint or even a gallon.

Dominic showed us all Watts time it is (😃) with a very strong second place.

Lucy Broom – Kaboom – first female and third place overall with an incredibly strong season taking first female on every route.

John S and Neal P – we can only apologise if you used to have such luxuries as evenings and weekends – NTCLC demands a full time commitment from all participants… Well done to you both on your great times. Also a special mention to Eleanor S – possibly the furriest member of the team and also special thanks for your litter picking efforts!

Chris K has put in a fantastic effort again with a really strong season throughout. Clare T and Karen S have also kept the top of the table warm with great times across the board.


Special mention to Stephen Tozer-Loft who somehow found time to improve all his race times, keep us in the loop with the fabulous website and spreadsheets and even muscle his way in between Clare and Karen on the scoresheet – we thought those guys were inseparable!

At the hardest working end of the table Jawad Q has clearly seen where the true glory lies! All that time on feet has to pay off somehow.

Special mention as well to Helen W who has done every race often with several recces to crack the route – I think we need a new spreadsheet to calculate how much time we have collectively spent getting lost very close to home!

Thanks to everyone for joining in – all the noobs that didn’t know what they were getting into and all the oldies that should have known better. We had more than 50% women participants again which seems incredible given how weird and wonderful some of the route sections are (Siiiiiiiiiid Sid)! Thanks to all the recce leaders, social runners, picture takers and litter pickers – what a lovely bunch of runners we are! Oh and finally – James H – how did you beat me? I demand a rematch!