Elevation (total climb)200m
Race window1st October 2021 – 31st March 2022
Race designerJane Huws


Jo Gleig and I have come up with the next race route – the theme being ‘Footbridges’. It’s not particularly long (about 5.8 miles) but it does have one very long killer hill at the end (646ft ascent) I’m sure there are lots shortcuts to be had too. A fair bit of it goes across grass and fields, but it was pleasantly frozen when I reccied it. Start is at Castle Park run start at Manor Fields Park. There are 7 checkpoints – 6 of them being bridges and one church. Checkpoint 4 is the only tricky one – just off the road at the dead tree stump, down a left hand path a short way, and then head back up to the road to continue back the way you’ve come the loop to Darnall. NB, You need to cross all the bridges that are checkpoints, even if you chose to double back or choose a different-to-strava route after that. I’ve put extra photos in to show the approach to a check point or so you know you are on the right bridge. Hope you enjoy it – keep an eye out for the Superhero statue between checkpoints 2 and 3, and save enough energy for the hill at the end.

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This race is checkpoint-based, so this route is just a suggestion.

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Route Guide

start and finish
Start and finish – the Castle parkrun
Checkpoint 1 – St Theresa’s RC Church, Queen Mary Road
Checkpoint 2 – nearest bridge to junction of Parkway and Mosborough Parkway
Post next to Checkpoint 2
Checkpoint 3 over Parkway
Post next to Checkpoint 3
Route to Checkpoint 4 – The big tree stump.

Checkpoint 4 Off Acres Hill Lane next to big tree stump, down a bank. Go back way you came.
Checkpoint 5 Over the railway on Acress Hill Lane

Way onto Checkpoint 6, just past the skateboard park
Checkpoint 6 Over the railway on Kettlebridge Road
Checkpoint 7 (last one) Over Parkway

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50 points for the fastest finisher. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points.

The overall score for Season Four for each runner will be the sum of the points for their six highest-scoring runs, at the end of the Season

Submitting Results

This route can be run any time between 1st October 2021 and 31st March 2022 but times must be submitted within 72 hours of the run. Runners can have as many attempts as they like – slower attempts will be deleted soon after submission of a faster run.

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