We’d love to make use of any photos you take while you’re participating in NTCLCGP. The best way is for you to use flickr. We can then link to your photos from this website very easily, without us having to store it, and importantly, you keep ownership of the photo – it will have the title, location and your flickr username on it so it doesn’t look like someone else has taken it. See the flickr method below.

If you don’t want to sign up to flickr, you could just hand over the photos by emailing them to Katelyn or Cath and they can put them in our own flickr account and sort them out. We’d rather not download photos from facebook because (a) it loses a bit of quality and (b) its not so clear that you’ve given permission to share them.

The flickr method

  1. Create a flickr.com account if you haven’t already got one (it’s free up to a certain number and size of photos)
  2. Upload your photos to flickr. You can organise them in albums and do all sorts of stuff to them.
  3. It’s good if your photos have an accurate title, and even better if you can make sure their location is accurate. (We can’t change the title for you).
  4. Join the Not the Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix flickr group
  5. Submit the photos to the group (which means making them public). Up to six at a time.
  6. We are using a system of tags so the photos show up on the right race page. You can add the correct tag if you like to your own photos. For instance add a tag ntclcgps3r2 (for Season 3, Race 2). Please use lower case. Please make sure its obvious to us which race the photo was from, even if you don’t do the tagging thing.
  7. That’s it! We will be notified about new photos submitted to the group, and may select them to be used on the race page itself. All the photos will be visible via a link on the race page.
  8. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to share your photos – they make the website so much more interesting.

Recent photos submitted to our ntclcgp flickr group