We are a loose group of runners of very mixed abilities, mostly based in the south east of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK.

Our activities emerged from a race organised in March 2019 in our wonderful Cat Lane Woods.

Since April 2020 we’ve organised a series of virtual races that we’ve called the Not the Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix. We’d love you to join in with our race series.

If you’re looking for ideas for runs or walks around Sheffield, feel free to make use of the resources you find here.

These virtual races have been designed for running in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals who choose to make use of the resources on this website take full responsibility for their own safety (routes, hazards, weather conditions, personal safety etc.) and compliance with the latest government guidance.

Most of us are on facebook –

You can join the Not the Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix (private) group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ntclcgp

  • The Actual Cat Lane Canter 2024
    Entries are open for this year’s race…see separate page from the main menu
  • The Not the Palestine Marathon 2024
    Run report by Katelyn McKeown I was booked to run the Palestine Marathon on 1st March 2024. Now I’m not saying everything is my fault, but I did book my flights on 5th October and it quickly became apparent that I probably should have paid the extra £20 to be able to reschedule. I wanted to revisit Palestine after backpacking there in the early 2000’s. Last year I had the worst case of ‘FOMO’ I have everContinue reading The Not the Palestine Marathon 2024

Combined Route Map

  • The map below shows all the races run during the first four seasons of the Not the Cat Lane Canter Grand Prix.
  • You can toggle the display of each season using the layers box in the top right corner.
  • You can click on any individual route to show a link to that route’s webpage (but bear in mind that some routes appear in more than one season)