Elevation (total climb)160m
Dates run October 2021 – 31 March 2022
Race designerAntony Adshead


We’ve all heard of the Seven Hills, but this run takes you around the four ‘major’ river confluences in Sheffield. It starts and finishes, however, at our ‘home’ confluence, which makes five in total.

Lots of pavement but also a good stretch on trail along the Don. It could be muddy there but road shoes will do. 

It is a checkpoint-based race so – apart from the start/finish – any routes are just suggestions.

You must start and finish at our ‘home’ confluence, where the Meers Brook and the Sheaf meet under the bridge on Saxon Road. 

You must visit all the checkpoints. You can do it in any order.

The Confluences/Checkpoints

NameDescriptionWhat3WordsGoogle map co-ordinates
Meers Brook  SheafStart / Finish. On the bridge on Saxon Rd with the inflow from Meersbrook visiblemelt.stray.lake53.359725, -1.475549
Porter  SheafSheffield Midland station footbridge top of stairs to platforms 2/3/4/5. No running in the station! going.spices.middle53.377033, -1.462250
Sheaf  DonBlonk St bridge, with Sheaf inflow visibleshowed.flame.danger53.385517, -1.462250
Loxley  DonEast bank of Don opposite Loxley inflow. River bank at Old park Silver Rolling Mill. 50m from Club Mill Road; accessible but not very, -1.486583
Rivelin  LoxleyWest side of Rivelin Valley Rd, with view of River Rivelin joining Loxleyfans.pets.method53.399733, -1.511200


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This is a checkpoint-driven race, so this route is just one possibility…


50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points.

The overall score for Season Four for each runner will be the sum of the points for their six highest-scoring runs, at the end of the Season

Submitting Results

This route can be run any time between 1st October 2021 and 31st March 2022 but times must be submitted within 72 hours of the run. Runners can have as many attempts as they like – slower attempts will be deleted soon after submission of a faster run.

Interim Results


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