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Elevation (total climb)200m
Dates run12th July – 1st August 2021
Times must be submitted by 3rd August
Starting pointShire Brook Valley Visitor Centre. Stone Lane, Sheffield S13 7BR
What 3 words:
Race designerCath Ager


This run mainly follows the Shire Brook river and goes up through Silkstone Ravine Woodland and around the old Birley Spa Bathhouse, more info here:

Then back down under the underpass meandering through Shire Brook Valley Nature reserve which in its history has been everything from a cutlery forge (Carr Forge – the big pond and Rainbow Dams) a coal mine –  Birley East Colliery and later a landfill site which is now Linley Bank Meadows! You wouldn’t know it to look at it now… We then go through the short section of Beighton Marsh, and loop back to Shire Brook Reserve for a bit of a rollercoaster finish! If you’re lucky near the end next to the grassy amphitheatre you might see lots of rabbits.

Weird coincidence fact – the Shire Brook river source is underneath my Dad’s local pub, the Red Lion at Gleadless Town End!

Thanks to Jo Rose for helping with this route and getting lost with me and having to fight our way out of a very overgrown soggy meadow…



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50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points. Plus a 5 point bonus for collecting some rubbish either on a recce or the race.

Submitting Results

Record your scores with this google form before 3rd August please. If you don’t submit by 3rd August you won’t get any points.

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See all the photos from this race in our flickr group here

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