Elevation (total climb)150m
Dates run1st October 2021 – 23rd April 2022
Race designerDom Watts


Choose any route you want to connect the 9 checkpoints together, starting and finishing at Staveley Road Community Gardens, S8 0ZQ. Muddy trails could be entirely avoided and you can still make the checkpoints. That would involve some repetition of pavement and a slight longer route.

Checkpoints are intentionally large – you just need to enter the circle. (See the circles on Dom’s original document below).

Photos of all the checkpoints can be found here


Download file for GPS

Route Guides

Strava Links

The Whole Course on Strava

(I Want to go to) Chelsea – a possible route on Strava


50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points.

The overall score for Season Four for each runner will be the sum of the points for their six highest-scoring runs, at the end of the Season.


This race is now over, but you can still run it for fun

All Time Course Personal Bests (PBs)

You can still submit your time to this website if you’d like to see your time recorded alongside everyone else’s – use the link in the right-hand sidebar. If you’ve run this course as part of the NTCLCGP race series your time should already be there.


See all the photos from this race in our flickr group here