Here’s the message from James Halse on facebook which launched our first virtual season of runs…

With the Cat Lane Canter 2020 cancelled, I thought it might be fun to run a virtual event subject to us all being able to run responsibly and maintain social distancing. We ran the Cat Lane Canter route any time on any day between the 18th and 26th of April in line with the social distancing guidance at the time. That was fun so we did it again and it’s turned into a series of time trials mostly in Gleadless Valley. New routes are set every 2-3 weeks by members of the group with a designated “race week” to run that route. Time yourself and add your time to the spreadsheet on the google drive. Stick to the latest guidance on social distancing and be respectful to other people using the trails. If you litter pick while on your recce or while racing, claim 10 bonus points.

James Halse

The races in this series are mostly in or around the carefully exploited topography of Gleadless Valley and the location of the original Cat Lane Canter, but also reach over the hill into the hidden Moss Valley, and culminate in an epic ‘skyline’ run around the catchment of the mighty River Sheaf itself.