Distance8.9 km
Elevation (total climb)294 m
Dates run28th June – 11th July 2021
Times must be submitted by 13th July
Race designerSid Fletcher


With a nod to the Cat Lane Canter and the Rollestone Roller, the Gleadless Valley Gallop takes you on a full foray through the woods of S14, be prepared for some challenging sections and elevations.

Just short of 9km the route is a full circuit with no doubling back, the official start (CP1) is the Northcote road entrance to Cat Lane, but feel free to start/finish the circuit at the nearest point to you.

It takes in several different areas of local woodland, and open community spaces, as well as 1.6km of road/urban which will help to mix it up somewhat. I’ve attached some info about the various architectural styles and planning of Gleadless Valley should any of you be interested; the observant of you may note that yours truly is mentioned in the bibliography.

Hopefully the route is easy to work out – from my own experience urban landmarks are sometimes more obvious to navigate.

For all you strava junkies I’ve made the full circuit into a segment as well as several sub section. I am reliably informed that you can export the segment to a GPX file

Sid Fletcher

Please note that although checkpoints are mentioned in the route guide, you have to follow the whole route for this race – no shortcuts between checkpoints.


Download file for GPS

Route Guides

Note that this route guide is the same as was used in 2020, so the dates are wrong – please ignore them.

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The Whole Route



50 points for fastest time. Everyone else gets a percentage – if the winning time is 1 hour and you take 2 hours, you get 25 points. Plus a 5 point bonus for collecting some rubbish either on a recce or the race.

Submitting Results

This race has now closed – but you can still run it for fun.


Gleadless Valley Gallop scores
Gleadless Valley Gallop scores

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Pictures from this race in 2021

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Pictures from this race in 2020